13 year old boy left family video message before committing suicide

Reports are that thirteen year old Davion Johnson who lived in Grange Hill Westmoreland and attended Belmont High School went to visit his mother and step father in St Mary.

On Sunday morning the teen was found under the living room table, with a gun beside him and a wound to his chest.

In the video that has surfaced the teen explained why he committed suicide.

Davion Johnson says this isn’t the first time he has tried to commit suicide and even though he was saved before he doesn’t want to be saved again.

The teen explains that he takes word to heart and started to believe the negative things said by the people around him, specifically “anty joy”. He went on to mention he was having difficulty in school and that he was bullied.

The teen also talked about his desires to shoot and kill the persons who bully him but said he decided to take his own life instead.